DIY: Make Your Own Anti-friction Gloves Without Spending A Cent

As an online professional who spends most of my time on my computer, I had to deal with an uncomfortable condition called FRICTION BURN on my wrist. I get it from using a mouse continuously and the bones on my wrist rub against the hard edge of the table.

Note: Please excuse some of the out-of-focus pics. I photographed my own hand and my left hand isn’t very stable.

There are products you can buy to prevent this like those long pads that cover not only the area of the mouse, but also the area near the keyboard as you type, or the mouse pad with a little cushion on it. I have used all those and the one drawback of these products is you can’t wash them—they were never meant to be washed.

I came up with a solution that is effective and would not cost you a cent!

What you’ll need:
An old sock (to protect just one hand) or a pair of old socks (if you want to protect both hands)

Lay the sock out so that the heel area is visible.
Put your hand on top of the sock, taking note of where the your fingers start because that’s where you’ll cut.
Start cutting.
It should look like this.
Now, you’ need to work on where the thumb will jut out.
Start cutting. if in doubt, place your hand again on top of the sock and note where your thumb starts.
It should look like this after cutting.
Try it on!
Goodbye friction burn, hello comfort while working! As you can see here, I’ve folded the sock to add extra cushion for my wrist. It’s really up for you to decide how you want it.

Just use the first glove as a stencil for the second one if you want a pair. Embellish with lace or googly eyes, whatever makes you happy. Personally, I like mine plain.

The great thing about using socks for this project is that if you cut it, it doesn’t run. But you can stitch around the edges if you like. You can also wash it just as you would any pair of socks. Happy DIY-ing!

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