Best Gifts To Give A WAHM

WAHMs or Work At Home Moms are a different breed of moms. They’re practical yet more girly than any girl you’ll ever meet. They don’t like to splurge on themselves because for them just being able to provide for their family is enough. So, consider getting her something that she wouldn’t normally buy—not because she doesn’t want it, but because she feels guilty spending on herself.

  1. A really pretty blouse
  2. Cute jewelry in the color she loves
  3. A cute and girly headset—because believe it or not, something as mundane as a headset can really become the highlight of her day if it’s in the color she likes (I for one feel really great about my pink headset!)
  4. A chair cushion (again, keep in mind the style and color she likes)
  5. A notebook (for her ideas and thoughts). Consider adding a matching pen!
  6. A cellphone case/cover
  7. Something framed like a quote or design to beautify her work space. Something like this:
  8. Matching keyboard and mouse (as I mentioned before, the mundane can become extraordinary given the right touch)
  9. A mug with a personalized design
  10. Fluffy/comfortable slippers
  11. A personal coffee maker for her home office
  12. Her favorite music all in one place. Perhaps in a USB drive, as a folder on her computer—-anywhere that’s easy for her to access.
  13. A great sound system for her office. Can you tell that I like to listen to music when I work???
  14. A cooling eye mask for when she’s done working and would like to relax her eyes. Can also be used during break times to give her eyes a rest.
  15. A really nice clock for her home office

I hope these suggestions help you make a decision on what to get your WAHM. Bottom line is, she needs to feel pampered on her special day and you don’t need to spend a lot to accomplish that. Good luck and happy gift hunting!

If there’s anything you’d like to clarify or if there’s anything you’d like to ask about today’s article, please post it below and I’ll be more than happy to respond.

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